Lifetime warranty on all repairs!

Claim process assistance

We can assist you from the time you turn in a claim or get the police report until the very end! Our office manager Jacey will stick with you from the beginning of the claim until the very end to ensure your claim is handled quick and efficiently. Once you give her the claim number or police report she can take care of all the leg work for you dealing with the insurance company so you won’t have to!

Rental cars

We can arrange to have a rental car here waiting for you at our shop when you drop your vehicle off for repair, and when you come to pick up your vehicle you just leave the rental here as well. We also can help set up the direct bill with your insurance company so you won’t have to wait to be reimbursed and the insurance company will take of the charges up front for you!


If you need a tow we can also set that up for you to be picked up same day! If the tow is set up by you or the police you can request that they bring your vehicle straight to our shop and we will take care of the tow charges. This will also insure your claim is handled as quickly as possible!