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Do you offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, there is a lifetime warranty on all the repairs and paint work that we do for as long as you own the vehicle! The only thing it does not cover is; misuse, neglect, & normal wear and tear.

Can I use the repair shop of my choice?

Most definitely! You have the right to choose any repair facility of your choice, always remember it is YOUR vehicle there for YOUR choice on where to have your vehicle repaired not the insurance company’s choice.

I just called my insurance company and opened a claim, what do I do now?

One of the first things to do after you have opened your claim is ask if they want you to stop by our shop and let us do the estimate and photos or if they want to send an adjuster. If they would like you to stop by and get an estimate all you will need to do is remember to bring your claim number and your adjuster's email address and we can handle the claim from there for you. If they want to send an appraiser out that is perfectly fine. We have worked with every appraiser in this area and we will go off their initial estimate and can supplement any missed damage that is part of the accident.

The accident wasn’t my fault and I have a police report what is the next step?

Once you get the police report you can bring it up to our shop and we can take care of the rest for you! The first step we will do is read the police report with you and go over the accident then our office manager Jacey will call the other person's insurance company and see if a claim has been turned in yet and if not we can get one filed on your behalf including sending the police report, your estimate and photos, and all of your information over to the company so the claim process can get started as quickly as possible.

I don’t think my insurance estimate will cover the entire cost of my repair...

It is very common to run into additional damage during the actual repair of your vehicle due to the insurance guidelines that are now in place when it comes to writing a preliminary estimate. If your vehicle does need more repair or extra parts while your vehicle is in the shop we will supplement that directly to the insurance company so you won’t have to worry about paying for the additional repairs or negotiating with the insurance company, we take care of that entire headache for you! The only cost to you personally during a claim is your deductible if you have one or if you would like for us to do some extra work not covered by the claim.

Do accept all insurance companies?

Yes, we accept and work well with all insurance companies and have for over 50 years!

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