DeFew's Custom Painting & Body Shop - Benton, KY - 1 of DeFew

     Jim Defew�s talent and skill with a paint gun or an airbrush to design a radically new flame design for a custom motorcycle or a classy show car is well known to locals, as well as many professional show car builders and exhibitors across the country.

     What might not be as well known, is the top-of-the-line body shop that makes up most of the Defew�s business. The new shop has two heated custom paint booths that Jim and Paintbooth Technologies designed especially for the Defew�s shop. It is a Jim Defew signature series and is the first to be installed in the country with the serial number 001. The shop is also equipped with two frame racks that help repair the most damaged vehicles. The shop specializes in insurance work and does work for all insurance companies on family vehicles or custom cars and motorcycles.




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